How to Advertise

There is three advert spots on most of our pages and blogs that you can consider. We suggest that you place your advert in the section related to your target market.

We offer two banners spaces, one above the content section one each page or blog and one in the page footer. Both are ideal spots and have generally a high conversion rate as they are seen at the start of the information section and at the end of it.  The banner size allowed is 1280px by 175px.  We will however look at slightly  larger area on the banners depending on the add and the page you would like to place it.

The third advert spot is in the right hand side bar only on the blog pages (contributors and curated) this add can only be 250px width due to the nature of the layout, but can the height can vary as per you need up to a max of 500px.


Advertise your products on our blog pages and categories, thereby addressing  your target audience  directly.


  • Digital Banner Ad (1280px by 175px) N$ 2,000 per spot
  • Digital Sidebar Ad (250px by 550px max) N$ 1500 per spot