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27 Jul, 2022

Planning to decorate on a budget is just another way to plan your spending and it is very possible with a little dedication and know-how.  We have put together a few ways to make the planning easy and stress free. 

First things first, know your décor style. Knowing your décor style makes things much easier when you need to choose items.  Plan and prioritize this as it is a key part of your journey.   Do you have a lot of hand-me-downs or second hand furniture?  Keep it simple, it is never necessary to have décor all over the place, a beautiful piece here and there is all it takes. Next you must make a wish list. Look around the room you’re planning to decorate and make a list of the items you’d really like to add or change. Research pricing of the items on your list. Shop around, compare prices and availability. 

Finally add 10% to the budget, especially if you’re doing any renovations. Renos notoriously go over budget. So if you add a little extra to your budget you won’t be caught off guard. Even if you’re only buying decor, adding a buffer of 10% to the overall budget can really help cushion you. Now for the fun part. 

Tips and tricks:

  1. Keep your big furniture items neutral. Especially if you like following trends.  You can always accessorize and max on the color with smaller pieces or ascents.  
  2. No matter how beautiful a space – how gorgeous its bones or decor – it will NOT look good if it’s cluttered. You want a clean and decluttered home! 
  3. Much like painting the walls for a refreshed look, you can paint your interior and exterior doors for a new look. 
  4. A budget friendly and quick way to change up a look is to change the ironmongery in your kitchen and doors.  Change the faucets and smaller hardware pieces in your home to create a quick and luxury look for less. 
  5. Update the lights in your home,  it can change up so much and create a luxurious feel.
  6. Add some life, bring in greens, faux or otherwise. It can be a really nice touch and bring life into an otherwise dull space. 
  7. Add visual space and reflect light with a mirror or two. 

In closing a big thing to remember when decorating on a small budget is to have patience. Do not rush it. Be sure. This can be SO hard, but if you’re not in a big rush, you will be more likely to find deals and sales and just the right thing for that space. The moment you rush you will lose money quickly. 

Just take your time.


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