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2 Nov, 2023

Christmas comes only once a year, but there is just something about Christmas that brings love, joy, happiness, and peace to your home and for that moment, you can escape from the busy year past and live in the moment.  For most people, decorating a PVC tree with lights and ornaments is the extent they go for the season as everything ends.  So, to make life easier, we have put together some ideas to turn your home into that fun and exciting Christmas spirit we have all been missing.

  1. Minimalistic

The iconic colours red, green and white is recognised across the globe and induce an emotion of love or even signify the end of the end. However, we look at different trends, and simplicity is always beautiful. How about an all-white-themed home with wood accents to create great synergy between the festivities and your home?

  1. Rustic

Living in the city and you really want to be in a home that shouts cosy cabin. Instead of using the bright, cheerful Christmas colours, use a toned-down palette with subtle décor elements like a featured Christmas piece on your coffee table or neutral Christmas-themed scatter pillows.

  1. Farmhouse

For many of us we like to spend the Christmas holidays in nature on a farm.  Putting together a combination of items such as lanterns, candle boxes (rustic or modern) and a few plants can bring a softness to your patio or balcony. It is a nice place for you to relax and contemplate the new year ahead.

  1. Lights

Oh, how fairy lights can warm my heart. You can never have enough of them or even candles in all shapes and sizes.  This definitely brings the ambience of Christmas. And… can create a helpful setting for those Christmas engagements.

We have listed our favourite décor pieces to help you journey to a perfect Christmas.

  • Pine-scented incense sticks
  • Christmas garlands
  • Subtle coloured Christmas-themed kitchen cloths
  • Christmas themed pillow cases for your scatter pillows
  • Candles in multiple sizes

In summary, bring the Christmas spirit into your home in subtle, muted tones to create a space of luxury and relaxation.


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