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9 Aug, 2021

Happy Women’s Month to all the beautiful women out there. The month of August is when we celebrate being a woman and empower and encourage one another.   I personally feel that everyday should be Women’s Day, since we are phenomenal human beings and we were created with so much care and patience by our Great Creator, God.

I just want to take time out and  encourage women with Psalms 139:14. Each one of us were fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. We were woven together in our mother’s wombs, each one in their own unique way. 

I want to tell you today that :

You are special, You are unique, You are beautiful, You are a queen, You are strong,  You are fearless, You are brave, You are blessed, You are loved, You are exceptional, You matter, You are Enough, 

Why? Because, You are a woman !!!! Being a woman means being able to be powerful and assertive, yet kind at the same time. It means being compassionate and vulnerable towards those we love without feeling weak for doing so. It means striving for our goals even in the face of the adversity. I salute every woman all over the world! Continue being who you are and making a difference, and let’s keep building up one another. Be prayerful and thankful, smile often, laugh until your tummy hurts, dance until your feet are tired, forgive often and as quickly as possible, go on dates with your friends and focus on the little things for they are the ones that make life wonderful.


Stay safe and blessed.





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