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3 Apr, 2023

I owe it to myself to heal and become whole, to allow God full access to all of me so that He can do His finished work, I will no longer look back. I will accept that people do as they see fit, and it’s my responsibility to ensure I enforce boundaries that serve me and protect my mental and emotional state. 

I must remind myself that people show us who they are and I must believe that but looking at them through Christ’s eyes does not mean that I should allow their unacceptable behavior. I have to keep them accountable and if they don’t want to heed to the warnings, I will dust myself off and move forward without looking back.

Past trauma had me in a space where I was so used to surviving that I accepted any kind of behavior even if I got the breadcrumbs, left overs, but as I started my journey and evolved, God has taught me what the standard is and through His love and correction I was able to rectify my behavior take responsibility for it and make moves to not go back to a default setting.

Being addicted to habits that don’t serve you is really a stronghold, in order for things to change you have to be an active participant in your healing journey. In order to break the cycle, try something new you want to see manifesting in your life, do a 21 Day challenge. For example: 21 Day Challenge to love myself… (I just finished this one and it was great!)

Identify the things that no longer serve you and make a list of how you will shift your focus to be more productive and keep on pursuing your journey to wholeness.

You owe it to yourself to be healed and whole, just like I owe it to myself. 

All my love,



  1. Hughsherine Pienaar

    Thank you so much for this. Thank you for being part of my journey,I’ve grown so much through your teachings. Thank you for your humbleness. I salute you Women of Valour.

  2. Lirette

    Amen, such a beautiful read. ❤😍


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