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5 Jul, 2021

Kiddies party must haves

Planning a party for your kids? 

Here is a list of must-haves that will make it much easier for you to plan.

  1. Start with your budget, since that will determine what you can do. 
  2. Write a guest list. I usually discuss this with the child whose birthday it is. 
  3. Discuss a theme and invitations with your child, they usually have their own ideas. 
  4. Depending on where the party will be, if you need to book a venue do it at least 4 weeks before the time, you don’t want to be disappointed. 
  5. Order a cake at least a month before and follow up the week prior. My children usually decide themselves what cake they want and what flavour it should be. 
  6. Decide on a menu: keep it small and simple, kids love hotdogs, mini pizzas, mac and cheese that type of food. 
  7. Order balloons a day or two before the party and arrange a time for pick up. 
  8. Decorations and party pack items can be bought a week before the party depending on what you want in the party packs. I usually make the party packs in advance to take the pressure off myself. Once I had little stickers printed with the same theme as the party to close the packs I had that year which were brown paper bags. 
  9. Prepare party games, a slippery slide or a jumping castle. It keeps the kids busy for hours. 
  10. Charge your camera batteries two days before the party. 

Including the fathers is maybe a good idea then mom will be able to take a little break from running around and looking after everyone 🙂

Hope the tips I shared will help you when planning your child’s birthday party. 

Love, Candy 


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