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6 Mar, 2023

I have thought about this for a long time…because it is so personal…. but I realized on my journey that there are people who you literally don’t know but notices you without you knowing, it is quite scary, special and motivating.

After many years of battling with my weight and many failed attempts, trying every diet on the market, fat burners, pills, syrups even weight loss piercings all just to end up failing again.

Brutal truth: There is no magic pill, no magic fat burner, there is no magical miracle that is going to transform you overnight! YOU must do it yourself! It is hard work, but everything in life that is worth it, takes hard work! It is a fulltime commitment,it is like marrying your own body. Marriage takes work and commitment, same principles, same rules!

If you thought you have seen a horror movie, this is mentally a horror massacre, your mind is very powerful, and you will struggle. You will doubt yourself; you will ask yourself the same questions repeatedly. Is this worth it? Why am I punishing myself? Why is it so difficult? The questions will pop up at the worst times, the trick is not to give into them.

You will have support, but in your mind you will always be alone. Not one person experiences the same journey. It is a solo journey, but if you dig deep enough, you will find the strength to push through. It is within you and only you control the outcome.

Golden rule! You must want to do it for yourself. If you do it for someone or something else you will fail. If you believe in cheat days, you are going to fail. If you fall for all the ‘nonsense’ on the market you are going to fail, the weight will come back. Once you start your journey everybody around you knows better and will try and persuade you to do this and try that. Don’t fall for the talk. Yes most cases it someone’s way of trying to show support, but in actual fact, they are making it harder and it breaks you down mentally. You will be confused and that is when the doubt starts to set in. You don’t need to start an advertising campaign when you start with your journey especially on social media. You are opening a gate for the “judging” panel. People will watch you like a hawk. The comments and odd questions will come. “Are you allowed to have a glass of wine?” “Don’t eat that you will gain weight”. And those are the battlefields you will have to fight on your own. When it gets quiet at night and you are all alone with your thoughts, that is when the war starts. Set your goals and walk your own road without distractions.

You need to change your lifestyle and it takes strength, endurance, consistency and a lot of patience! The word “DIET” is a swear word. You are on a lifestyle changing journey.   Excuses are not going to cut it.

Your mind will convince you of things to use as excuses. “Being to busy for exercise”,

“I didn’t pack lunch, let me grab a take-away”. You are only fooling yourself. You can if you want to. I can testify of people who have straining jobs and kids who have done it. You have time, be selfish and take it.

At 37 I found ME, the weight loss was a bonus. When I look back now, that was the goal when I started. Get to know yourself, find yourself, love yourself, take care of YOU! I finally found me, I found my own identity, I am content, I am happy, I am positive, I am healthy, I am stronger. We often struggle with a lot of personal emotional battles, I managed to overcome not just a weight loss battle, but I love myself and I accept myself. It is rather difficult to explain in words, what happened emotionally and mentally, but I am free. I am dating myself and the relationship is blooming. Yes, there are many bumps, trust me nasty ones, but you can overcome them!

It took one year and 11 months, 77kg gone, 154 bricks of 500g butter(fat) gone. I did that, me on my own without any supplements, magic tricks, or injections. I still get a fright when I sometimes look in the mirror, this might have been one of my greatest achievements up to now. It has been a roller coaster ride, I have cried more in the last 23 months than I have ever cried in my whole life, but every tear was worth it.  Surprise, you are only going to disappoint yourself if you take shortcuts. You will break your own heart if you try and fool the process. You have to go through it, nothing in life comes easy. Your biggest competition will be yourself.

Get up and just do it. My life literally changed physically, mentally, and emotionally more than I could have thought. I found ME! It’s not just food, nor exercise. You must change your life for you but do not change you! Sounds complicated but you will understand it one day.

Those who know me well will know that I did not have an easy road in life. I was invisible, but I’m more now. I know me, I know life, I know pain, I know love. That’s so much more than fat…yes fat…but I am 2.0 now!

You can because you are in control. Find you and water you, so you can grow!

If I could motivate you today, that makes me happy.






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  1. Nadine Derbyshire

    Such a wonderful achievement, you can be so proud of yourself. Well done ???


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