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3 May, 2024

Wide-leg jeans continue to trend, which means there are many different styles to choose from: high rise, low rise, cropped, relaxed fit, curvy fit, dark wash, etc.

It all depends on what type of look you are going for and what suits your body. Last week, I saw a variety of wide legs. You can buy jeans at Cotton on Dunes Mall if you want to test out a few to see which type fits you best.

Because the Wide leg already adds quite a lot of volume at the lower part of your body, it can be a bit challenging to wear it in the winter. You would probably also want to wear a few layers on the top part without looking too bulky all over.

I will share with you how I would style my wide-leg jeans this winter…..


So, for a start, I would go for a fitted Wide leg; by this, I mean’s more fitted than a relaxed, the area around your waist that loose fit. Then, for the top part, I would try to stick with one of the rules I almost always follow, and this is to keep the outfit balanced by wearing a tight/fitted top if the lower part is bulky and vice versa. And then, I will definitely tuck in the top; I think this is probably the most important thing for me as it defines the waist, further elongates the legs and just overall gives a well-polished look.


My first choice would be a nude pointed shoe/boots with a little bit of a heel, or if I can’t wear a heel, then a flat pump, also nude with a pointed or square type of toe. (When wearing flats just be careful for a bulging effect at the lower leg.)


I would choose a structured blazer or even a cropped leather jacket to wear over the top/sweater. For a second look, I would try wearing a coat with a wide leg. This can be a more daring look to pull off, But I will once again keep the coat structured, especially at the shoulders and waist; I would also keep the coat open so that you can still see that defined waist (see photo below).

To play it safe, I would go for a wide leg and a coat that’s almost the same colour so that the line where the coat stops isn’t so obvious and doesn’t cut off my body at the wrong place.

Hope you enjoyed this and that it inspired you a little bit. Until next time. 




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