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27 Jul, 2022

I have been on this journey of letting go for the past couple of months and if I think about it, it could have been sooner that I shut a certain door. But it was important for me to get to a place of acceptance about a certain issue. A part of me didn’t want to admit the reality of the situation and so I went about overlooking many things.

We read quotes like ‘When people show you who they are, believe them’ by Maya Angelou.

You still hope that for some reason, what is staring you in the face can’t be, because how can people be so cold or cruel or whatever the instance. I had to sit with myself, I had to look at things from a different perspective and add up all of what was not serving me and adding value; then make a decision that will break my heart but it will save my soul.

It has been a hard task to navigate through, a new norm but it has been the most fulfilling experience where I have once again chosen myself and allowed myself space and time to deal with certain issues. Healing is an ongoing journey and you will have to choose daily to accept all of who you are in order for you to better understand yourself and make the necessary adjustments for a better life spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Letting go has been hard but oh so necessary. 

Choose you always!

All my love,


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  1. Shireen

    You could have not said better


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