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19 Apr, 2022

Don’t say ‘I love you’ with the wrong intentions…

The word love gets thrown around like it’s a means to an end…Many forget that Love is an action word, when you tell someone you love them, it should not be with the intent to get something from them.

Love sacrifices, Love shows up, love covers, love protects, love serves, love is selfless not selfish. Too often the words ‘I love you’ are uttered with the mere intent of the receiver of those words to give of themselves to the one who utters it.

It really is only when we have the revelation of Christ’s love for us that we are able to appreciate and actively pursue love from that point. When we have received God’s unconditional love for ourselves, and we love ourselves first only then are we able to pour love into others. When we look at the example of Jesus, sacrificing his life for all us to live a life of freedom. That is the ultimate love sacrifice. When we see him on the cross outstretched in obedience to the Father… That is love. Many are living this life and uttering the words I love you and they have no clue and understanding of what LOVE truly is… And so many go around wounding others because of their lack of understanding.

When you encounter the Love, the unfathomable love of the Father and allow Him to transform your life from the inside out and you have experienced acceptance instead of rejection, nurture instead of neglect, comfort instead of sorrow, trust instead of betrayal, honesty instead of deceit, connection instead of separation, fullness instead of emptiness. When you have freely received these and so much more from God, only then are you able to fully love someone else.

My plea to you is, if you have not received the Love of the Father, please don’t utter the words I love you, because someone who has experienced God’s love in that magnitude will hold you accountable and expect the love that you so freely receive from them to be reciprocated and if it’s not, they will most certainly walk away.

Love is an action word…

All my love



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