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12 Jul, 2022

It’s very natural to feel unmotivated to cook a proper meal when living alone, but don’t fear, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Below are some tips for you:

  1. Wholesome meals don’t always need to be fully cooked. You can create simple snack platters consisting of a protein (biltong, boiled eggs, smoked chicken breast) + raw vegetables (cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, bell peppers, carrots, sugar snap peas) + fruit/berries as carbohydrates. Add some nuts for healthy fats. 
  2. Omelets or scrambled eggs with vegetables like onions, mushrooms and baby spinach are always a quick option. 
  3. Buy chicken or beef strips and stir-fry with chopped fresh or frozen vegetables. Season with some soya sauce, and if you make a big pan, you’ll have leftovers for the next day’s lunch and even dinner. 
  4. Buy proteins which are already portioned, for example, chicken breasts which usually come in packs of four. Frozen vegetables are also a great time-saving hack since they are already chopped and don’t take long to cook, plus you only take out what you need and don’t end up having fresh vegetables go to waste. 
  5. Plan your meals for the week ahead, and cook a double portion at dinner and have one half for lunch the next day, so that you only have to prepare one meal daily. 

You may also be interested in the mmacht.health 36 Recipes 1.0 eBook, which consist of calorie-controlled, simple, nutritious, affordable, balanced, and comforting meals serving one portion. Have a look at the website mmacht.teachable.com to purchase this eBook directly online, or send an email to health@mmacht.com if you would like to purchase the eBook via EFT into a Namibian bank account or the PayToday app. 

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