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23 Mar, 2021

Our health, nutrition and healthy eating should always be one of our top priorities when it comes to spending money, but financial constraints are things most people have, especially during these pandemic times.

Healthy eating has gotten a bad reputation in the past for being expensive, and yes, there are many ‘health’ foods that are not always very affordable, but focusing on the correct nutrition does not have to be financially straining.

Having a meal plan with specific portions helps a lot. This means that you only buy what you need and don’t spend money on unnecessary items. Most of my clients tell me that they have actually saved a lot of money when following my meal plans and programs as they are not wasting food, and not purchasing unhealthy, costly, fast foods. Also limit eating out to 1-2 meals per week. Most of us are social beings and it is part of our culture to dine out, but a few hundred dollars here and there add up very quickly and you could buy a lot more wholesome groceries for the price of one meal in a restaurant.

Other ways to meal prep on a budget are to buy in bulk, especially when it comes to meat and seafood. Benguella Butchery, for example, will also pre-portion your proteins for you, which means even less ‘leftovers’. Another nifty trick is to buy frozen fruit and vegetables when fresh produce is more expensive due to season and demand. Frozen fruit and vegetables are equally as good as fresh produce! When it comes to dry and packaged foods like seeds, nuts, nut butter, plant-based milk, oats, butter, cheese, canned tuna, etc, keep a list of items you would buy regularly and look out for specials and promotions. Then, when the price has been reduced, buy in bulk and store in your pantry and/or freezer (always check the expiry dates so that you don’t end up buying too much).

Have a look at the @mmachthealth Instagram page for quick, easy recipes that don’t require ‘fancy’ or expensive ingredients and never hesitate to get in touch should you require more tips and information.

Keep it simple, and remember, HEALTH IS WEALTH!


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