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8 Apr, 2024

The Blush Foundation Trust Prepares for 3rd Annual Brunch to Support The Sanitary Towel


Swakopmund, Namibia – March 5, 2024 – The Blush Foundation Trust, a non-profit

organisation dedicated to empowering young people in Namibia, is thrilled to announce its

upcoming 3rd Annual Brunch, scheduled for the 6th April 2024 in Swakopmund at Haus Der


About The Blush Foundation Trust:

The Blush Foundation Trust is a non-profit organisation based in Swakopmund, Namibia,

dedicated to empowering young people and creating positive change in the community.

Through various initiatives and projects, including The Sanitary Towel Project, the foundation

aims to address the unique challenges young girls face in accessing menstrual products and

education on their use.

Established in 2022 (Registration No: T346/2022), The Blush Foundation Trust was founded by

a group of passionate individuals from Swakopmund committed to creating positive change

in young people across Namibia. The foundation’s primary focus is to address the challenges

faced by financially vulnerable school-going girls, particularly regarding access to menstrual


The Blush Foundation Trust has conducted over 65 sanitary towel handouts, distributing

approximately 45 000 sanitary towels to various towns in Namibia, including but not limited

to Swakopmund, Usakos, Uis, Luderitz, Rehoboth, Eenhana, Otjozondjupa, Ondangwa,

Henties Bay, Aus, Outjo, and Groot Aub, at schools, hostels, and rural communities. This

outreach effort would not have been possible without the support of committed partners

such as Girl Up Namibia and The Lotus Foundation.

“We are deeply grateful for the partnership and support of organisations like Girl Up Namibia

and The Lotus Foundation, equally so the business community and regular folks who attend

our fundraising functions” added Charlene Hartung, Founder of the Foundation. “Together,

we are making a tangible difference in the lives of young girls across Namibia, providing them

with the resources and support they need to thrive.”

The Blush Foundation Trust calls on individuals and businesses to join its mission and

support The Sanitary Towel Project. Contact us through Mrs Charlene Hartung at

me@allthingscharlie.com or 081 446 1185 to join our initiatives and support our mission.


Funds generated from the Annual Brunch directly support The Blush Foundation Trust’s

flagship project, The Sanitary Towel Project. This initiative aims to tackle the pervasive issue of

menstrual hygiene among school-going girls in Namibia. Many girls from financially

disadvantaged backgrounds struggle to afford menstrual products, leading to absenteeism

from school and hindering their education.

“We believe that no girl should have to miss out on her education due to a lack of access to

menstrual products,” says Charlene. “Through The Sanitary Towel Project, we are working

tirelessly to ensure that every girl has the necessary resources to manage her menstrual

health and stay in school.”

For more information about The Blush Foundation Trust and how to get involved, please visit



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