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31 Jul, 2021

Microneedling is an amazing treatment where sterile needles are used to create controlled micro-injuries in the skin, (either by a device or a roller), kick-starting your skin’s natural healing process, which in turn stimulates collagen production and cell regeneration. Plus, active ingredients applied to the skin can now reach deeper into the epidermis due to those micro-channels created by the needles. 

So why would I want to injure my skin to make it look better? 

Because you want it to activate an automatic series of actions when healing. 

Let’s take a closer yet condensed look at that process:

  1. The controlled injury is created, and you start bleeding. Platelets and clotting factors are usually inactive in your blood. When they encounter Collagen, they are activated and then create a plug at the bleeding site. This is the body’s natural response to stop bleeding and to keep microbes out. 
  2. Inflammation then sets in, usually lasting to about three days after the injury. During this phase, white blood cells destroy any bacteria and debris in the area and when they leave, specialised cells called macrophages arrive to continue clearing debris. These cells also secrete growth factors and proteins that attract immune system cells to the wound to facilitate tissue repair. 
  3. Once the wound is cleaned out, it starts to rebuild, and new connective tissue (collagen and elastin) and epithelial cells are produced, filling, contracting, and covering the wound.
  4. And finally, those newly produced collagen fibres are now reorganised neatly and densely packed. Tensile strength is increased, and this process can take up to two years!

So who can have these treatments? This treatment is recommended for several skin conditions like pigmentation, post acne scarring, stretch marks, scars, or for regeneration and anti-ageing.

Please make sure you have this treatment with a trained and qualified aesthetician as s/he will fill in a detailed history report to make sure you are not contra-indicated to the treatment and will also be able to give you the correct home and aftercare advice. S/he will also know at which needle depth s/he needs to work to get the best results. 

A Great winter treatment can be chemical peels combined with the Microneedling where the peel will take away the old and the needling will bring out the new! Combined with a good skincare regime the results are amazing! Ask your aesthetician about a roller for home use where the depth is very shallow and its main purpose is to help your actives especially in your serums to reach deeper into the epidermis. 

Years of research have gone into this amazing treatment, and it is totally safe and really effective. While it is a little uncomfortable afterwards, the results are oh so worth it!


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