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8 Apr, 2021

Must-Have Running Gear

My primary sport is running. In this piece, I’m sharing a list of gear I think are absolute must-haves. A lot of it is personal preference in terms of the brand you buy, or the fit.
Depending on the weather your gear would need to change. Seeing that we are in summer now, we will look at light gear, and essentials.

1. The correct running shoes – A good pair of running shoes will cost you nothing less than N$1800. If you have foot issues I suggest you go for a foot scan to determine what type of running shoes you should be buying before you spend all that money.

2. A watch – I have a Garmin Forerunner 645 Music. It gives me everything I need, music on my arm, direct syncing with Strava, all on a pretty wrist band, plus lots of other useful features.
Prices for these forerunners range from N$5999 to N$7999. They come in various colours, and you can decide if you want one that plays music or doesn’t.

3. Socks – Falke is my go to brand for running socks. They have a cushion in the front of the sock and never slide down. I’ve also learnt your socks should be high enough so pebbles don’t go in between the back of your foot and your sock, which will ruin any running excursion.
These socks cost anything from N$80 to N$180 per pair.

4. Running Belt
I recently replaced mine after its zip broke. At the time I’d had mine for around 3 years. It is such a necessity. I put my house keys, tissues, lip balm and phone in it.
The one I have cost N$180.

5. Sunscreen – An absolute must when you go out in the sun. Get a good one and take a look this article for some guidance ~insert hyperlink to sunscreen article~!

6. The correct cap
This is such a personal preference. I have a cap that I got from Cape Union Mart some time ago. It goes over my head far enough to my liking and sits above my ears.
A good cap can cost you anything from N$250 to N$1200 and more.

7. Breathable clothing – a lot can be said about the right clothing for running. It really depends on you and is also very much a personal preference.
I prefer a short sleeve or sleeveless top that is long enough to cover my bottom. The material must be a mesh breathable material, skin friendly and loose fit.
Based on what you want, the price can range from N$120 all the way to N$899 and more.

8. High waisted pants and sports bra – I recently discovered Mustbenice exercise tights and bras. There is no equal, hey! The tights are high waisted. The fabric is simply amazing. The fact that it stretches without distorting the images on it is a bonus. It does not show sweat either.
These tights cost N$650.

9. Pepper Spray
I never leave my house without it. Be sure to test yours often: the last thing you want is to need it and learn it’s empty. Pepper spray is not only essential to help you fight off people that pose danger but dogs too.
I paid N$180 for mine.

10. Earphones – I used to run with wired earphones until i discovered not all earphones are equal. Wireless headphones are good if you can afford them.
I got a good pair for N$800.

I hope you found this useful. Share your experience with good running gear in the comments!


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