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14 Jun, 2021

A day set out to celebrate our fathers is coming up this Sunday. I’ve jotted down a list of gifts just in case you don’t know what to gift the Dad(s) in your life with. 

Hopefully you don’t need just one day a year to show and tell you dad how much you love him. 

  1. His favourite cologne 
  2. A snuggly robe for the cold winter mornings 
  3. Winter pyjamas 
  4. A biltong hamper with wine and nuts 
  5. Good wine or whiskey 
  6. A journal 
  7. A good book 
  8. Camping chair or other equipment
  9. Braai apron and/or tools
  10.  Face creams 

And a card with loving words signed by all the children. 

Have a wonderful Fathers Day, 

Love, Candice 



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