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6 Nov, 2023

It’s Christmas time again. My favourite time of the year except for my birthday because it involves gifts! And Who does not like gifts 🙂 I usually start buying Christmas presents well in advance for a few reasons, when I come across something a friend would like, I buy it, cause chances are you won’t find it again. Then, during the holidays, the shops are super busy, and parking in Swakopmund is a hassle. So I prefer to buy my gifts before our shops are emptied. Then lastly, I work during the December holidays up until the afternoon on the 24th, so unless I go on Sundays to do my shopping, I never have time. 

So here I’ve put a list, essentially my list of gifts. I will put together a separate gift list for children.

  1. A good book. My latest obsession is the podcast and the book Diary of a CEO. I’ve ordered one for myself already from Exclusive Books in Windhoek. 
  2. A leather laptop bag: I have an awesome leather laptop bag. It’s soft and has many pockets and zips. Very practical and lightweight. 
  3. A Small Fridge. When I first saw this, I thought how cute and a waste of money, but then I thought about it again, and omg, it is an amazing gift for your room, especially if your kitchen is far away. 
  4. A good Whiskey. I am a whiskey drinker. Jack Daniels, to be specific. 
  5. A leather apron for your husband is a little heavy for a woman, but you can even put his name on it. 
  6. Fenn Bag: Fenn has come out with wonderful colours. 
  7. A vanity bag: I travel a lot, and my vanity bags are never the right size. I am still looking for the right size. I prefer to put my vanity bag inside my suitcase, especially if I’m not driving. 
  8. Overnight bag: A beautiful leather overnight bag that lasts a lifetime. 
  9. Helix DNA Test: I will write a whole story next year after I get my results back. Check it out on Opitphi’s website. 
  10. A photoshoot with a good photographer. And some prints, of course! 


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