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27 Apr, 2023

Charlie’s restaurant recommendations in Swakopmund 

I mean, it is no secret that I am super finicky about food and service and stuff. 

Having said that, I thought let me put together a list of my favorite meals to eat in Swakopmund and where to find them. 

  1. Pancakes and Side Salad: Bojo’s makes the best pancakes in town. They make curry mince, chicken and mushroom. And their side salad is a healthy portion. They also make a very nice fresh juice of your choice. Mine is carrot apple and orange. 
  2. Smoked ribs and coleslaw: Look no further Memphis BBq and Grill is your place. 
  3. Chicken Schnitzel: Wild Rocket.The portion is big and the price reasonable. 
  4. Ciabatta: Raw Roots – freshly based every morning with just butter. It is beyond divine, but add some avo, ham and rocket and it’s out of this world. 
  5. Tea Koekies and Egg Muffins: apart from my own egg muffins, theirs is truly something special. I usually buy like 3 bags of their buttery tea koekies.
  6. Chocolate Cake: Now cake is my thing not that I can make it but I am surely good at eating it! Lol, the best in town for me is at Truth Cafe in the mall. 
  7. Carrot Cupcakes: Slowtown. They have the most delicious cream cheese topping on. 
  8. Pizza: Western Saloon and Napolitana. Swakopmund is well known for their pizza and I must tell you, my favorites are found at these two places. 
  9. Spaghetti Bolognese: Without a doubt Gabriella’s homemade pasta is something special. 
  10. Breakfast: Swakopmund luxury Suites, located in the centre of town recently opened their breakfast spot. I have been there twice now, and they did not disappoint. Fresh fruit, delicious coffee, fresh baked goodies even cake, a variety of cold meats it really is worth every cent. 

If you are visiting Swakopmund and looking for a place to dine at, check these out, you won’t be sorry. 



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