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5 May, 2022

She greets you with the biggest smile, a warm hug and in the most gorgeous floral silk pajamas. I had to look twice and even ask if it was pjs or day wear! Then she welcomes you inside her treatment room. The space has white walls yet feels so warm and safe and her certificates are hung everywhere. It smells clean and fresh.

My appointment was to have my eyebrows done. I’ve had crazy brows my whole life. The treatment is described as “natural up brows” and aims to “bring out more volume, making the eyebrow look thicker and more stylized”. 

Tallichya shares with you who she is and she’s comfortable enough to answer some really personal questions about herself, which in turn makes you comfortable with her. She works slowly and with great care and explains everything as she goes along, why she does what and how you will maintain your brows at home. Everything you should and should not be doing is carefully explained. 

At the end of my treatment she offers me a cappuccino – such a warm, personal touch. It is the tastiest cup of something I’ve ever seen or enjoyed, and had a huge dollop of Nutella dripping inside and outside the cup. It’s definitely something I will fondly remember!

Just before you leave, she gifts you with the tweezer and brush she used while working on you. 

What an experience, hey. I loved every minute I was there. Tallichya’s services in my books come highly recommended. She is definitely the Eyebrow Whisperer. 

For an appointment contact her at 081 226 6542 and to read more about her personal journey simply click on the link below. 


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