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24 May, 2021

My weight-loss story

I wanted to lose weight after having my second baby but it just felt like too much of an effort to start.

In 2017, I remember, Charlie, a very close friend of mine today, randomly contacted me and asked me if I would like to start walking with her and her baby. I thought we should give it a go and we started walking, pushing our babies in their strollers. It was something I looked forward to doing. I wasn’t serious about losing weight at that time but then a year passed and my other friend Alethea asked me one day if I would like to work out with her.  She was already a pro athlete at that stage in her life!!

I was very chuffed and scared at the same time but I agreed. I started working out with her in January 2018 at the gym on a program that she had worked out for me. It was torture at first and there were days I wanted to give up but then I remembered that this was also something I am doing for myself, and something I had actually started to enjoy. It was ‘me time’.

I was dedicated and every time I saw results it encouraged me to want to do more and do better. I started to feel more confident about myself and I dropped 2 sizes in the time I was on that program. I personally don’t believe in diets, for some it works and for others not. I believe in consuming food in moderation, drinking lots of water and coffee, of course.

I am a young mother and I want to be healthy for my boys and for myself.

I must mention that diabetes is hereditary in our family and the doctor told me that if I exercise regularly and eat healthily I might not inherit it, so I know exercise does work! You don’t have to go to a gym to work out, since there are many programs on YouTube you can follow in the comfort of your own home, or just take a 5km or 25-30 minute walk per day. Get moving – it is good for your heart. Start exercising today, and know that it will really help you to live a happy and long life.

Enjoy every moment because you only have one life to live!! My journey continues every day.

Candice Strauss


  1. Annie Gall

    “Get Moving” … After one of my spinal discs slipped oit of its groove somewhat, I went to see a chiro.
    He told me something which has stayed with me ever since. He said, “Annie, motion is lotion. So keep on moving!”
    I have since taken to doing a 40minute walk everyday and its been helping my back.
    But I wanted to ask you, do tou think one can lose weight simoly by exercising more and eating more consciously ? Or does one HAVE TO combine exercise with a controlled eating plan ?

    • Charlene Hartung

      Hi there Annie, Thank you for your comment. Well done with your decision to keep moving. From personal experience I can say that at first I did not exercise, simply because I just felt too heavy but once I lost some of the weight I couldn’t wait to get moving.
      Definitely a proper meal plan and information about food and some exercise will do you good.


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