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10 Jan, 2022

It took me a while to take my image and style seriously. I never really fixated on what I looked like but more so on how I felt. Having said that, I was also quite big and heavy so whatever I wore; had to simply cover my hips and bottom. 

I shaved off my hair a few years ago which was utter freedom to me but at the same time, my face was round and it didn’t really suit me. I know that now. As always doing crazy things with my hair is my MO, right now it’s blond with the one side shaved off. It’s so the new me. 

Makeup was never my thing, until my niece took me to the shop to buy the basics. The basics were made up of the following: 

  • A foundation 
  • The correct colours of lipstick 
  • A few pallets of eyeshadow 
  • Blush that I sometimes use as eyeshadow 
  • Makeup brushes 
  • A little sponge – which even my 4 year old daughter knew how to use! 
  • Mascara, which I did have a few of already 

I discovered that as soon as I added a little colour to my face I looked different and it made me feel like a million dollars. 

I decided:

  • I will choose the right colour for me when buying clothing.
  • I will add colour to my face every day. 
  • I will try wearing clothing I never dreamed of before more often. 
  • I will plan my outfits ahead of time. 
  • I will always dress up when going somewhere. 
  • I will wear my accessories. 
  • I will fit something on before I decide if I like it or not. 
  • I will make time for my hair and use the best products possible. 

It’s been quite a journey when it comes to my style and the clothes I choose when entering a shop. Even though now it’s hard to find clothing I like in the right colour – especially now that I know what I should be wearing as per my style guide. I want to continue paying more attention to my appearance and taking care of my hair.

It is your crown after all. 

Love, Charlie


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