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Nedbank Desert Dash, The Blush Foundation Statement:

The past weekend, The Blush Foundation took part in the 17th consecutive Nedbank Desert Dash. The longest six-stage mountain bike race in the world. With the race covering 393km from the Namibian capital, Windhoek’s Grove Mall, to Swakopmund’s Platz A Meer, a 4-man team – Alden Strauss, Andre Diergaardt, Antony Drotsky and Rene Strauss, cycled over the Khomas – Hochland Mountains and through the Namib Desert to the Atlantic coast.

The entry into the dash was made possible through Nedbank’s generosity with their sponsorship of a 4-man team entry into the dash. The Blush Foundation utilized the opportunity to cycle for positive change within the lives of Namibian children through establishing the “1 Dollar per Kilometer” campaign for the dash. The foundation raised funds to aid their 2023 initiatives as well as fund their sub-initiative titled The Sanitary Towel Project and support 170 menstruating young girls with a year’s supply of sanitary towels. “We thank everyone for their donations toward The Dash campaign, as every dollar makes a difference!” said Charlene Hartung Trustee and Co-Founder of The Blush Foundation.

After making it through the grueling yet adventurous 6 stages, the team finished 68th out of 72 four-man teams that finished the race.

A special thank you is extended to their corporate sponsors:

Erongo Marine, JM Recovery Services cc and Ocean View Shell.

The public is urged to keep an eye on all social media platforms of The Blush Foundation, as they will share more information on how the funds raised with the campaign will be utilized.

For any donations, kindly contact Charlene Hartung at 081 446 1185 or Johnathan Harris at 081 491 0102 or email for banking details.

Extra information to be added to the article:

The Blush Foundation is a not for profit trust established for anyone however marginalized and whatever their background and circumstance – can find help they need to build a fulfilling and productive life, while inspiring and supporting others to follow the same path.

Thus far, the foundation has hosted 2 fundraising events – one in Swakopmund and the other in Windhoek. With these two events, they have been able to raise funds to support their initiatives, mainly for The Sanitary Towel Project, an initiative that procures and distribute sanitary towel to underprivileged girls in Namibia. Established only in 2022 this initiative has already donated 15 000 sanitary towel across the country.

It is with this that we hope to create an opportunity for anyone, whether a school, hostel, or any other establishment to freely contact us when in need of sanitary towel.

The End.

The Blush Foundation – Nedbank Team