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25 Oct, 2021

Skin and hair rituals are what we all deserve on a self-care day and we have a top tip for keeping your hair in great condition. 

Once a week, we will be sharing a treatment you can easily do at home. As much as our bodies and skin need a little extra TLC, so does our hair. 

  1. Cleanse your hair using milk_shake integrity shampoo.
  1. Remove excess water and apply milk_shake integrity intensive treatment.
  1. Secure hair using a hair wrap, and lay back and enjoy a break from your day. 

On hair pamper days, let your hair rest from heat styling. Let your hair air-dry while you watch shows on Netflix or read your favourite book but do make sure to smooth on a few drops of hair oil on the ends to prevent them from splitting.

You can use a leave-in conditioner too, or a hair cream for more nourished hair. After all, hair pampering happens only once a week so indulge your hair with all the nutrients it needs!

Contributed by Chante Bock 

@change.jenae on Instagram 


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