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2 Feb, 2023

‘Personal Values are what motivate people’s actions and give them a sense of guiding principles in their lives.’ as per google definition on what are personal values. 

My personal values include:

Creativity and Progress: So, I can never engage in an activity that does not stimulate my creativity, where I can see tangible results. 

Honesty: I can never have people in my life that I cannot trust. I value honesty and transparency in all my relationships at work and personal. 

Efficiency: To be productive, work smart and see results. 

You measure everything in life against what you stand for. Your personal set of values. I learnt a very valuable lesson during therapy last year. 

There is a certain person in my life who I fundamentally disagree with. The choices she makes and her view on life. However, I discovered that her decisions have nothing to do with me. That I am offended by them because they go against my personal values and it does not make it wrong. It’s just not what I would do. 

This freed me hey and I had such a huge come to Jesus moment. Now I see her differently. 

Examine your personal values. Ask yourself questions like:

  1. What rules or principles have you’ve set for yourself? Lines you will never cross? 
  2. What traits do you value in other people that you aspire to be like?
  3. What environment do you feel the most fulfilled in? 
  4. What effect do you have on other people?
  5. How do you react to difficult situations?

Write down the answers and identify the core traits that are a true reflection of who you are. 

You might begin to understand many things about yourself better.


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