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4 Oct, 2021

In 2020 and thereafter, the economy took several knocks and we saw many businesses suffering financially after COVID-19. If businesses are under strain, the employees eventually carry the repercussions as well.
In practical terms, this means retrenchments and downsizing.  While there are some short-term compensations meant to soften the blow for retrenchments, the long-term impact on an individual can’t be understated. In oversaturated fields of work the competition is tough and a good employer can receive up to 500 applications for an entry-level position, with even (overqualified) graduates applying in an attempt to bring home some bacon (at least).
If you find yourself preparing for the big world or need to find a new job, take a look at these tips:
* Take a look at the advertisement – if you fit the bill for around 80% of the work, then apply. If you can’t possibly see yourself being able to walk in on day 1 and doing at least that much, even if you get the position, you will find it too challenging. Chances are though, someone else is more suitable for the work and has more appropriate experience.
*Make your resume visually appealing by using applications like Canva.com. They have hundreds of free templates of documents you can use and customise with your information.
*Tailor your resume for every position, to highlight your experience that is in line with the position you have in mind.
*Have someone else fine-comb your resume for grammar, spelling and general appropriateness for the position.
*Always be honest in what your skillset, experience, strengths and weaknesses are, and remember that your attitude and personality are often what can make the difference between a successful interview (ie – one that results in you landing the work), or an unsuccessful one.
*If you do not get the work, ask the interviewer what went wrong. They’ll often be honest and say what you can improve on. Introspect thereafter, and find a way to tackle a “growth list”, one point at a time. Learn from the advice and grow from the experience.
Sometimes, it’s a blessing to grow more and wait more for a position you can flourish in, instead of one you’re taking on to pay the bills.
Good luck with the search, and see every opportunity as one you can learn from.


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