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31 May, 2021

Q&A: Charlie 

I am not a natural runner!  I never did any sports at school so this exercise thing did not come naturally to me.  Somehow though, I literally fell in love with it and kept going.  I don’t run far distances, but that’s something I’m working on: I aim to increase the distance with every run I do and my training program is adjusted as my strength and ability increases.  Right now, I don’t have a 21km goal yet, but I have not written it off…I just work hard everyday to become stronger.

Why and when did you start running? I’ve always wanted to run but I told myself I was too heavy. So after I lost weight, I took up running exactly three years ago.  I train about six to seven days per week: three runs, two boxing sessions, one walk and one cycle.

What shoes are you currently running in? I have the New Balance 360 running shoes, which are awesome because they have a 12mm heel drop.

Share your shoe history with us. I first started with Asics. Then I had the Nike Pegasus, a pair of Hoka’s thereafter and now New Balance.

What is your final K mantra? I align myself to think about the last 2km about how easy the last 2kms are going to be, so I take on a positive outlook!   Because my run streak is 2km which I do annually, I think in 2km portions.

What is your Running Philosophy? You are your own competition.

What are “must haves” on your runs? My run baggie – it’s like a moon bag.  I swing it around to my back.  Also my pepper spray and the Nike running coach in my ear.

What keeps you motivated? Feeling stronger, seeing progress in my body and my runs, and the high feeling afterwards caused by the endorphins!  Those are the absolute best and the sweat! I love sweating!

Where are your favourite places to run? Along the beach in Swakopmund, and in Independence Avenue (Windhoek) during the Nedbank City Dash.

What is your favourite race? The Nedbank City Dash!  I’ve done 2 Nedbank runs and 2 Nedbank cycling races, and I loved them both.

What is your advice to wannabe runners? Just run as often, as far, and as fast as you can.  Always enjoy your runs no matter how fast or how slow you go.

Start running and share your journey with us here at allthingscharlie.com!


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