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18 Oct, 2022

Cosmetics have been around for almost as long as humans. The Romans used oils to scent their bodies and plant materials, which were at times dangerous ingredients for beautifying.

So, if cosmetic preparations have been around for that long, it should surely mean that we have gotten the formulae right by now?

The beauty industry is the fastest growing and one of the largest industries in the world, however one of the least regulated. Many reputable skin and make-up brands have taken it upon themselves to have excellent internal quality control processes to gain the trust of their clients.

As generations evolve, the consumer now wants to know more about the company making the products. They ask, “are they animal friendly, vegan friendly, are they practicing sustainability?” And while Millions of dollars do go towards that by reputable companies, we have those lurking in the dark, using a trusted name to make not-so-safe cosmetic products for half the price.

Social media has become so influential in the cosmetics we all want in our handbags and on our bathroom shelves. Celebrities and influencers make us feel that if we only had that one lip gloss, we can look just like they do, have the lives they have… and just like that, consumers become desperate and unknowingly purchase knock-offs.

The task to spot a knock-off seems almost impossible, however, make sure you only purchase from authorised retailers, look meticulously at the packaging, notice the price – if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably fake. So, you might be thinking, what’s the harm in using these knock-offs? Well, not all ingredients used in these fake products are safe, nor are the places of production. Tests have shown that carcinogenic ingredients have been found in these products as well as traces of unsanitary microbes have been found in them. Dermatologists have reported on how patients reported skin deterioration and disorders due to these cosmetics. Products meant to make people enhance their beauty have now done the exact opposite.

Compromising on quality beauty products means compromising on your health.


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