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1 Feb, 2024

To all, book the lovers far and wide… You all deserve a special, cosy place in your home where you have everything you need to curl up with your favourite novel. This area should be an intimate space. It is generally square, where you can have bookshelves from floor to ceiling depending on the number of books you have, or you could create smaller spaces around the house. Areas with a nice view or a few secluded areas should you wish to be isolated. Most importantly, you need comfortable seating and good lighting whether you’re the kind of person who likes to read in a study, on a chair close to a sunny window or somewhere outdoors. 

Once you have found that spot in your home next to a window for natural light and fresh air, you can use our tips and tricks to get you going.

Our number 1 rule is getting comfortable.  Boxes to tick when searching for your comfortable chair. Back and head support, soft lining, and a footstool. Alternative options are nooks filled with pillows, a papasan chair, a day bed or my ultimate favourite, the hanging Hammack, to maximise comfort.

You can find the perfect light. A study has shown that light influences your mood just as much when it comes to creating that ideal reading space. Any shade of light that ranges from a cool white to a warmer yellow keeps the brain stimulated and awake and helps to retain information. Look for light from 6-9 watts this also helps your eyes to relax and improves your sleep quality.

Fill your space with plants; it creates an inviting space, and certain plants, such as dracaena trifasciata, more known as snake plants, provide much-needed oxygen for your brain. (A great plant to have in the bedroom)

Finally, please ensure you have enough storage for your books, candles, family photos, a blanket and a few scatters; this will bring your room together and invite you every single time. Different textures and materials make up a space where you can be stimulated inside and outside your little book world.


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