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16 Aug, 2021

In my experience the relationships/friendships that lasted for a lifetime are the ones two people have decided to invest in.

Relationships are hard work and many times there is one person overly committed but the recipient is then unwilling to meet that standard of investment. To be honest, time is the most valued thing because the more time we spend on friendships/relationships and learning to understand each other for the betterment of the friendship/relationship, it does indeed grow and get stronger.

On the flip side the opposite is true…when one person is invested and the other one just receives without any reciprocation, there is an imbalance and so the giver becomes tired and gets depleted. This is where the truth surfaces.

The giver realises that they have been the one who gave so much, gave for both parties and the receiver was so used to it, there was no accountability and no intent on their part to be invested in the friendship/relationship. This is where the giver then becomes bitter, frustrated and feels used. That is just the most horrible feeling ever.

We live in a day and age where time is really our most valuable commodity and we don’t want to waste time and energy on friendships/relationships that are one-sided.

One-sided laziness in investing in current friendship/relationships results in them becoming unhealthy and they deteriorate to a point of no return.

Examine your friendships/relationships and take time to see where you have perhaps given too much. Resolve to hold the other party accountable. If they are open to correction and open to fixing things then you know they are keepers.

BUT if they become defensive and offended well, then you need to let go…

All my love





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