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2 Feb, 2023

I don’t do New years resolutions, assuming they need to be done at the end of the year. A time when I am exhausted, have sore feet, sleep is little and I have very little time for reflection and self. December is our busiest time of the year, work wise. 

Now that I’m writing more, I was able to think about my wants and needs for 2023. Here goes: 

Make time for what’s important to you

Last year I missed so many facial appointments. When it got to December I realized I probably only had about 3 all year. My skin, and the products I use is very important to me, mostly based on the fact that I’m menopausal and I really don’t want to look old before I actually am, and because so many things happen to your body and your skin during this time, it’s important to me that I take care of my skin. However, I forgot all about my skin in the last part of 2022. It’s a new year. And YES I am making time for what’s important to me. 

Move more

Sometimes days can pass by when I’ve been sitting in my office all day, such a bad habit but I eat lunch at my desk and then only realize at 6 that I’ve been here behind my desk all day.
Park further at the mall. Walk a little. Stand up every hour and go drink a glass of water. 

Slow Down

I come from a family of very busy women. If you get what I’m saying. My favorite aunt, Miranda, is always on the move and she is almost 60 already. Up and down, never a quiet moment, always busy, cooking, cleaning, working, driving, on her way somewhere so naturally I too am like that. However I have decided to slow down a little. To drive slower, and really take in my surroundings. 

Sit down when you talk to your children, look them in the eye and just be in the moment. 


Since I’ve been taking my antidepressants very diligently my chemical imbalance has been much better. So I’m thinking clearer, far less emotion is involved, I make better decisions, I’m not overwhelmed anymore which means I can create more, and focus more. Don’t think I’ve needed to see my therapist for at least 2 appointments. However, I’ve kept the appointments because I’ve come to value the lessons, the realizations, the ‘come to Jesus’ moments and just the clarity she helps me see and bring. 

Take that trip 

I am fortunate to be planning a girls trip with my 2 besties in May this year for my 40th. The excitement is all very evident for all 3 of us.  A trip like that is really something needed every other year. Some time away from your responsibilities. No husband, no kids, just you, your thoughts, doing things you love. 

Remember that resolutions and adjusting your goals is part of life. When life moves us in one direction we must be willing to move the goalposts and bend with the flow. It does not make you a failure. 

It makes you human.


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