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31 Jul, 2021

Mom is often the last person in the household to sit down after dinner was served, everyone ate, the kitchen was cleared and everyone is happy. 

It sounds like my everyday situation. 

I choose to cook for my family everyday and sometimes even make 2 to 3 different meals. Spending time in my kitchen is my love language to my family and I definitely don’t see it as work but sometimes my tank runs very close to empty and I find doing a few of the things I mention below helps me refuel my tank again. 

Do a facial at home: a scrub and mask. I usually do this on a Sunday morning if I don’t cycle or attend mass. The face that looks back at you in the mirror is always grateful. 

Take a long bath with a book. I recently discovered body scrubs. It’s one of my favourite treats, but in the absence of time for a spa, get yourself a good scrub and do it yourself when you take a long relaxing bath. 

My favourite go to scrub is from Justine, their tissue oil brand. Also consider trying The Body Shop’s really yummy ranges, tailored to your skin type.

I’m not a big sleeper when it’s light outside but Sunday naps are just the best, hey?  There’s just something about them rejuvenating your spirit and getting you ready for another week.

Do some stretching – I love putting on some stretching or guided meditation videos on youtube. I dress comfortably, get some water and just spend time breathing deeply or doing stretches I don’t always get to do.

Take your Vitamins – this is a very important component of taking care of yourself. My daily vitamin intake consists of Vit C & D and magnesium and zinc. 

Declutter your handbag and your cupboard. Get rid of clothes and shoes you have not worn in the last 6 months. Our styles often change or you really just need to get rid of the thousands of till slips in your handbag taking up space. 

Make a playlist of happy music and when your tank is nearing empty listen to it, I bet you 100% of the time it will make you want to dance and dancing is so good to enhance your mood. 

Sometimes organising and taking care of things and spaces that belong to you already makes us feel lighter. Enjoy taking some time out for yourself. You can always add a hairdressing appointment as well. 

I hope these few pointers inspire positivity and happiness in you. 



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