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22 Mar, 2022

If I look back at myself 6 years ago, ‘self care’ activities were not important to me. 

Being a working mom at that time, I didn’t see the necessity to go for a walk, eat properly or even just take time out for myself, take some ‘me time’ as they would say lol. As one grows older, you experience different people. Some people you meet along the way affect and impact your life positively. I realize that it might not be such a bad idea to try new things and make some changes in my life or to my lifestyle. 

It’s never too late to start making time for yourself or to make yourself a priority. Start with small steps. 

Living in Swakopmund, a beautiful town at the coast, is such a blessing. You can go for brisk walks along the beach anytime of the day and you feel so refreshed afterwards, it really does so much good for the soul. I love going to the gym to exercise.  It clears my mind and for that 45 minutes you are focusing only on yourself. Spinning and jogging are my new favorites. It’s me against myself, trying to be better with every session or every time I go for a run. I must say sometimes I really surprise myself.

I really can’t see myself not exercising anymore, it has become part of my life and my daily routine and it gives me great pride. So, I would just like to say to anyone reading my article today that everyday is a new opportunity and a new chance to start fresh, to begin again

To Love yourself first must be your first priority so say to yourself:

– I won’t give up

– I will try again 

– I love you 

– I respect you 

– I see you 

And I believe in you!!!

Keep going ladies. You are your greatest supporter. 

Much love, Candice 



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