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23 Aug, 2022

Ever been in a space where you have been so used to a certain kind of thing and never really experienced anything else. For example,  you have been so used to dysfunction that, that is all you know and then you end up seeking dysfunction because that’s all you know…

That has been me the last few months,  been used to such dysfunction, arguments, toxicity on the highest level that I literally had to get myself to a halt,  in Afrikaans they say ‘Soort soek soort’  and this has been so true for me…I have been set free from a life with a narcissist and that is all I know and out of an unhealed wound I attracted the same kind of people,  ones who in essence were just there to take and take, I was so used to it.

On the journey of healing one can make better choices and put boundaries in place to safeguard ourselves. I am there where I am emerging from dysfunction and taking it one day at a time to make better choices and level up by choosing who I spend time with and what I give my energy to. It was not an easy decision but God has brought everything in my life to a standstill so that I can re-evaluate and reset and start over.

Self sabotage is real but when you and I commit to our healing we will start making better choices and we walk in it day by day,  one step at a time. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall,  as long as you get up and don’t ever give up!

I got out of my way and so can you!

All my love



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