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5 May, 2022

What you focus on you magnify. The question is, what have you been focusing on these last couple of days, weeks, months?

I realized that I have been so focused on things that were not working for me, I lost sight of what was actually working. Focusing on all the negatives in my life sapped so much of my energy. I even became so downcast and sad, even angry.

I had to really start to shift my focus and look at what I have in front of me: my sound mind, my health, my children, and my life in general. I started to make better choices. The enemy wants to really keep us so focused on things we don’t have and what is lacking that we become so consumed by it. That’s where he wants us to stay.

Since I have shifted my focus in that I focus on the goodness of God and the positive aspects in my life, things just started looking different. Many times we allow people to make us their dumping ground because they are miserable with themselves. I have since realized I have a choice: I don’t  need to be anyone’s dumping ground and I started to consciously make that apparent.

Set boundaries for your emotional safety and leave them to God. Bless them and move on, give them the peace they so long for. I am at peace and excited about my life and what’s about to unfold.

I pray that I am so consistent in shifting my focus so that I can continue moving forward.

We teach others how to treat us. Listen, and don’t waste any more time on what’s not working anymore. Focus on what is working and keep your head up! You are so worth it, dear!! You deserve to laugh and be joyful!

 You’ve got this!

All my love



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