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14 Jun, 2021

Back to Basics: The Basic Skincare Routine Everyone Should be Following

If we were told that in this lifetime you only get to drive one car for the rest of your life, we would take extra super special care of it, wouldn’t we? We would make sure that we maintain the condition of the vehicle, to make sure it lasts us until the end. Taking a little bit of time out of your schedule to look after yourself and your skin should no longer be seen as a luxury or indulgence but rather a necessity. We only get this one body/vehicle, right? 

So where do I start…? What should I buy…? What should I do to look after my skin…? 


Cleansing should be done religiously twice a day, in the morning and at night. In the morning to remove any sweat, oils and waste your skin excretes during the night, as your skin is most active between 1 and 4 AM. At night it’s necessary to remove any wastes but also your days’ makeup, pollutants and debris possibly on your skin. Try to use a cleanser that is a little bit more acidic. 


Toning is a great way to remove any excess cleanser from the skin. The main purpose of a toner should be to restore your skin’s natural ph, as skin is naturally acidic and healthy skin requires that you maintain these acidity levels. A toner containing AHAs are great as they offer superficial exfoliation as well. 


Your skin is your body’s largest organ and receives the least water through oral intake, so additional moisturising is essential.  Even when you have an oily skin you have to moisturise, as, ironically, dehydrated skin produces more oil. Choose a moisturiser suitable for your skin type to help maintain your skin’s natural moisture factor. Remember: a dehydrated skin is an irritated skin.


Applying a sunscreen is your first line of defence against the sun’s harmful rays as well as free radicals. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen which protects against UVA and UVB rays, and if it contains antioxidants…Bonus! Never skip this step.


Choose products that are fragrance-free and suited for your skin.  Go for a skin analysis to determine what your skin type and conditions are.

Once you have your basic routine mastered, start adding in extras like exfoliation, serums, masks etc.

Give your products time to work, at least 3 months on a strict and consistent routine before dismissing them. If, however, they cause a reaction, try to use something with fewer irritants.

Consistency is key, you will achieve the best results by repeating the same routine morning and night. This is your lifetime-vehicle, so maintain that car!


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