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13 Sep, 2021

In 2017 I was retrenched from Multichoice after 14 years of dedicated service. It was a sad day knowing that I had invested so much of myself in a company over the years. I came to the realisation that sadly, in the workplace, no-one is irreplaceable!!! You are employed to deliver a service and in return you get paid a salary. THAT’S IT…THAT IS AN EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP! 

So There I was, unemployed.  I had no idea where to go next and the future looked pretty bleak.

But then I took a bold step and decided to start my own business. I thought about what I was good at, what I could enjoy doing and something that would suit my personality.

I decided to go into Procurement. Sourcing and supplying items for clients.  Generally, I knew where to source most things. I was usually the go-to guy when my friends were looking for something. “Chilli waar kan ek dit kry? Waar kan ek dat kry?. I was the guy who knew where you could get what you were looking for… Locally or globally. Hence the name LOGLOBE.

I started small with corporate stationery and corporate gifts, then grew into workwear and PPE.

Today, the list is endless.

It was no easy journey… For the first few months  things went very slow…. Orders were minimal and very small. Found myself knocking on corporate doors introducing myself, submitting my company profile and explaining why I should be their preferred supplier.  

Of course, many times I was turned down and that profile I spent time and money on was probably chucked into the bin.

As time went on, I was able to  showcase my potential, and I had built up a strong, credible and prestigious client base. I source the widest range of high quality products for my clients at the most affordable prices. This is not just an employment relationship, this is my passion! I love customer service. I’ve learned that, with good service comes referrals, and with referrals come growth!

Take a look at some of the things you have to consider before opening a business:

-Cashflow – I had to make sure I could pay my own salary for a full year before I could see profits from the business.

-Find a niche – Is there a need in the market for the type of business you want to start?

-Take on something that suits your personality.

In my case I have to speak to clients on a daily basis so communication skills were key. I am not shy, I am a people’s person.

My encouragement for you is to never give up. We all have the potential to do Great Things. We just have to start. It’s not easy…But just start.



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  1. Nadine

    Well done on sharing your story Charlton. I am proud of how far you have come and wish you only the best success with your business. Thank you for this valuable tips it surely will come in handy when I also start my business.


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