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22 Mar, 2021

We should never feel guilt towards food and eating, especially not during the holidays.  We always have alternative options, and when our health is a priority, it’s actually very easy to navigate the waters of holiday eating.Before putting food into your mouth, always ask yourself, “will this benefit my health?”

In my previous article, I made mention that we want to continue cutting the C R A P – Chemicals | Refined Sugar & Flour | Artificial Sweeteners, Flavours & Colours | Processed Food & Preservatives – as much as possible.  Sticking to only two meals per day, either breakfast and dinner, or lunch and dinner, is also a simple method to control calorie intake.  When you are preparing food yourself during the holiday or Festive season, try to minimise fats and complex carbohydrates.  Focus on drinking plenty of water, and eating lots of lean protein and veggies, to allow for some sweet treats here and there.  On specific days like Easter Sunday or Monday, just ENJOY – have a little bit of everything you would like to eat and drink, but remember: everything in moderation.

Since restaurant kitchens use a lot more oil and fat when preparing meals, the general rule of thumb is to exclude complex carbohydrates when you are eating out.  For lunches, salads containing proteins like chicken, prawns, game or beef are always a great option.  Exclude the dressing and rather drizzle a little balsamic vinegar and/or olive oil over your salad. For dinners, again prioritise protein and vegetables and avoid anything battered, deep-fried, bready or saucy.

When it comes to alcohol consumption, we do recommend that you limit this as much as possible.  Savour a glass of wine or champagne, drink good whiskey on the rocks, have a gin or vodka spritzer with sparkling water.  For flavour, add fresh herbs, berries, lemon, lime or orange slices, or cucumber.  I personally consider alcohol as carbohydrates, so when I am enjoying an alcoholic beverage, I always minimise complex carbohydrates.

For all clients doing mmacht.health programs, I also assist by pre-selecting items from a restaurant menu for you and adjusting your meal plan (if necessary) to keep you within your daily calorie goal.

Lastly, stay as active as possible.  Walk if a destination is close enough, go for a swim (if the water is not too cold) or play ball games when you are at the beach.  If you are into running, set yourself a daily goal of 3-5km first thing in the morning. This is the best way to start your day, and you’ll have exercised and showered within an hour. Going for a 30-60 minute brisk walk daily is also something everyone should do, every single day, for optimal health, regardless of the season.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter!


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