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5 Jul, 2021

Baobab Powder

Slows aging, healthier skin, blood sugar balancing, colon health, supports the heart, supports gut flora stronger bones and teeth, more energy, alkalising.

Raw Cacao Powder

Heart support, lowers blood pressure, slows aging, mental clarity, mood boosting natural antidepressant, energising, immune boosting, appetite suppressant.

Camu Camu Berry Powder

Strengthens immunity, brain boosting, anti-inflammatory, natural anti-depressant, eye health benefits and improves night vision, natural skin protection, anti-viral, strengthens teeth and bones, longevity, antioxidant boost.

Lucuma Powder

Increased energy, quicker healing, immune enhancing, low-GI sweetener, nutrient rich, strong teeth and bones, improves eyesight, cleanses your liver, radiant skin.

Maca Powder

Boosts athletic performance, improves cognitive function, strengthens bones, boosts libido, increases fertility, improves adrenal function, male and female hormone tonic, reduces stress.

Moringa Powder

Super nutrient rich, fights free radical damage, muscle building and repair, heart support, stronger teeth and bones, highly alkalising and cleansing.

Spirulina Powder

Faster recovery, stronger teeth and bones, energising, alkalising, cleansing, anti-inflammatory, appetite suppressant, highly nourishing, boosts immunity.

Wheatgrass Powder

Nutritional powerhouse, complete protein, improves digestion, alkalising, immune strengthening, slows aging and may prevent disease, stabilises low blood sugar levels, cleansing, lowers cholesterol.

Chaga Powder

Longevity mushroom, discourages cancer, antioxidant, sustains energy, increases ‘feel-good’ chemicals, protects the heart, anti-bacterial, boosts immunity, anti-inflammatory.

Chia Seeds

Brain food, better digestion, increased energy, excellent protein source, anti-inflammatory, athletic endurance, cardiovascular health, longevity, supports bone health.


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