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20 Sep, 2021

You decided to go blonde recently, but now you are stuck with nasty yellow looking hair? Well, there’s a way to get rid of that.

If you’re a blonde, chances are you’ve experienced having brassy hair and your stylist has probably suggested you use purple shampoo.

Today, I am sharing one of my most favorite products ever: the Milkshake Silver Shine Shampoo. After one use, I completely fell in love with this shampoo. (In my opinion) this is the BEST purple shampoo for brassy blonde hair.

Unlike many other purple shampoos I’ve tried, the Milkshake Silver Shine Shampoo is without a doubt the truest dark purple shampoo you can find to get rid of brassiness. This shampoo is available at Isabel’s Place Hair Salon.

If your hair is a darker blonde color, like mine it sometimes requires a longer amount of time for the product to saturate the hair so as to really get rid of the brassy-tones.

Lighter blondes may only need to have this sit for a few minutes for it to work on their hair.  Or, better yet, you can invest in the light version of the Milkshake purple shampoo so it doesn’t stain your hair purple.

𝗺𝗶𝗹𝗸_𝘀𝗵𝗮𝗸𝗲®️ silver shine shampoo contains a specific violet pigment to counteract the yellow brassy tones in blonde hair.

It’s enriched with milk proteins, organic berry extracts and Integrity 41®.️

It counteracts unwanted yellow tones giving radiant soft and healthy hair.

Another issue we often struggle with when blonde is dullness.

Milkshake’s Silver Shine Shampoo and the milk_shake Silver Shine Whipped Cream Leave In Conditioner is your answer.

Blonde hair typically requires particular care to maintain its luster and shine, especially if it’s been highlighted or lightened. Over time, repeated washing, chemical treatments, external aggressors and brushing can deprive blond hair of its natural beauty.

Silver Shine is the range developed to neutralize the typical golden and yellow hues that can be present in blonde, lightened or grey hair.

By using the silver shine range, Milkshake  guarantees us that their products will:

  • Enhance natural tones in blonde, lightened or grey hair, by neutralizing yellow tones
  • Give softness, manageability, and shine, revitalizing the hair.
  • Using the combination of these two elements makes silver shine a unique range: neutralizes yellow tones and gently treats the hair in one product range.


Shampoo N$ 323.00

Conditioner N$ 355.00

Whipped Cream N$ 355.00

Summer is here, and we finally have an excuse to go out (taking the necessary precautions of course) and show off our hair.

In our next blog post we will discuss summer hair care.


Written by Chanté Bock


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