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16 Aug, 2021

Electronic equipment is treated differently from machinery, which may be confusing to a lot of people, since they are both machines, are plugged in, and operate on electricity.  

They’re also similar because you may need them in an office or business or at home…but that’s why you have me: so you don’t have to worry about these things!

This is where the difference between Electronic equipment (EE) and Machinery Breakdown (MB) comes in. EE refers to things such as computers, cameras, lighting equipment etc.  These are objects that operate with circuitry capable of making decisions.  When you’re doing computations, editing something, and when a piece of equipment is automated to perform a task at a specific time without being prompted, that’s an electronic piece of equipment. 

On the other hand, machinery is more on the heavy duty side of things.  When we refer to machinery in MB insurance, we’re talking about heavy pieces of machinery. Those could be what you see in manufacturing plants along a conveyor belt.  A conveyor belt is a form of machinery along with the machines that process, assemble, create , fabricate, laminate whatever it is that is being made in the manufacturing plant. 

Electronic equipment can make decisions, however, there are certain pieces of electrical equipment that are considered machinery. The thing you need to discern between is electronic and electrical. 

Electrical equipment are tools that perform a task when they are powered by electricity . e.g hand  drills, larger air conditioning units etc.  Although these are not considered heavy machinery, they are also not considered electronic equipment, but are considered electrical equipment instead.

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