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8 Jun, 2021

Have you ever seen those products that say “for all skin types”? I have, and every time it boggles my mind…how can this one product possibly be beneficial for all skin types when physiologically they are sooooo very different?  Worst is when you buy it and after a while wonder why it’s not working.

Our skins are very intricate and one must have a solid understanding of skin components, balances and functions to be able to recommend products most suitable for a specific skin type. 

What a mouthful, right? Essentially, our skins change all the time, due to hormones, products, weather, stress etc. thus it is imperative that when you do visit your beauty therapist/aesthetician that you actually discuss your skin, your concerns, your lifestyle and whatever else could impact on your skin. This information will help them decide which products and treatments are best suited for your skin.  

What do I need to tell my Aesthetician?  

Besides the name of your first crush, almost everything!  They ask questions relating to your genetics, nutrition and diet, cosmetic and medical history, intrinsic factors affecting your skin as well as extrinsic factors relating to your work/play environment, amongst others. Most skin professionals use technology such as a skin scanner to aid them in their skin analysis but the majority of them will be able to have a better understanding of your skin and how it functions through the interview and physical examination process.  

What will a skin professional look at? 

During the interview they will look at things like the moisture levels of your skin, pore size, skin elasticity, vascularity, reaction and melanin. Once done,  they will be able to draw conclusions regarding your skin type and its condition, and they will be able to recommend products and treatments accordingly. 

How often can I go for a skin analysis?

Every month is a fair answer. Try to make it the same time of the month especially when you have just started a skin care regime to improve your skin, as a lot can happen in a month! If you are on a program, your therapist will analyse your skin with each visit to measure progress.  Also note that your monthly cycle could play a role here.

Why is this beneficial to me? 

Besides actually learning and getting to know your skin, you can now start to tackle those big concerns. Remember, you might have more than one condition and the one may affect the other so it is best to approach these with the help of your skin professional, build a relationship with your aesthetician, do season-appropriate booster treatments and invest in your skin. If you think about it, taking good care of your skin shaves years off your age and could mean you discover the fountain of (perceived) youth. Think about it….who doesn’t want to be young forever?!?


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