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9 Aug, 2021

Skill is a key word in the workplace. Employers plan, design, implement, monitor, and evaluate initiatives to identify the key skills needed and then develop, build, and transfer these skills in the workplace. Skills refer to our ability to do something well. 

It is not difficult to see why the ability to execute a task well is critical in the workplace. It will contribute to the effective use of resources, such as finances and time. Effective use of resources is a win for both employer and employee.

There are also various skill levels ranging from beginner to expert and a lot more in-between. Knowing what skills are needed for your position and what level is required, as well as what your ability and level is, can contribute greatly to your contribution and growth at work. 

Let’s say one of your tasks is to capture data on a computer-based system. In successfully executing the task two conditions (accuracy and speed) will have to be met. You may be very fast at capturing the data, but with many errors. Or you may have next to zero errors, but you take very long. In both these scenarios you have not mastered the skill of capturing data yet

Here is the beautiful truth: “yet” is a powerful phrase that signifies an opportunity, a next level and growth. You can however only embrace the opportunity when you recognise the “yet”. And you can only recognise the “yet” if you know the skill required and know your ability. 

Your first step should always be to master the skill fully and then to move on to enhancing the skill in various ways. Let’s take the data capturing example again. Once you can capture the data in a reasonable amount of time (normally set at company or industry level) within the margin of error (also set at company or industry level), you can advance to improving on the time as a way of enhancing the skill. Mastering a skill will be a great boost to your morale and self-image. 

Too often we show up at work simply to do what the boss says and get the pay check. What if we showed up at work to master (and possibly enhance) our work skills as our contribution to our workplace and our contribution to ourselves? What if we look for areas where there is a “yet” and we explore the possibility of growing in that area?

Too many times I hear people say, “I can’t do that”. I say that is an incomplete sentence, the sentence should be “I can’t do that yet”. 

Share in the comments what skill you still need to master at your workplace. 

Stay committed to your growth. 

Till the next post …


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