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8 Apr, 2021

Interview with Lynn Hartung January – The Runner

I draw a lot of inspiration from my sister-in-law’s journey as a runner. Not only has she achieved great success as a runner but she keeps her household afloat, is a professional career woman, and a wonderful wife and mother too.


Name: Lynn Hartung January
Age: 42
Occupation: Dentist
Kids: Two – A boy and a girl

When did you start running?
In 2016

Why did you start running?
It was a spur-of-the-moment decision.

How often do you run?
About 4 times a week.

What plan did you follow when you first started running?
I had no plan! It was literally ‘a get out there and run’ plan!

What’s the toughest run you have ever done?
The Two Oceans Ultra Marathon in Cape Town.
It was 56km of utter pain and joy.

What has been your favourite race thus far and why?
The Two Oceans Marathon. The vibe is amazing and electric.

How do you prepare for a race?
I don’t really have a specific way, but usually I work out the time I have before the race, and then just try and stick to every week’s program so I still have enough time to taper and also give my legs enough time to rest.

Do you follow any nutritional and training plan?
I do fuel, but follow no specific plan. I try to eat healthily and maintain the correct balance between protein and carbs.

How do you remain motivated?
Through recognising myself. I look at where I was when I started, and how far I’ve come by just getting up every morning and running, and not listening to critics! My progress still amazes me. I still have many future dreams about my running and hopefully I’ll get there soon!

What advice would you give aspiring runners?
Just run it!


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