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3 Apr, 2023

Last year 2022, we launched The Sanitary Towel Project and registered a foundation called The Blush Foundation to streamline our efforts to give back to the community and especially young girls. 
The Sanitary Towel Project will have to its next fundraiser in July this year, 2023. 

With funds raised at this event and others we will continue to purchase sanitary towels and do handouts at schools and community projects across Namibia. If you wish to become involved in the project please contact me personally at me@allthingscharlie.com or 081 446 1185. 

There are 2 ways you can get involved. 

  1. Identify girls in your community who are in need. We will ensure supply to them for sanitary towels for one whole year, twelve months. It would be your job to ensure they receive their monthly supply.
  2. Donate to the project to enable us to buy sanitary towels. – more information is on the image.

Let’s stand together to make a difference to those to need it. 

Regards, Charlie 


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