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31 Jul, 2021

The struggle

If you are like me, you probably woke up one morning, squeezed into your favourite jeans and realised you should not have had hot chocolate all winter. You grab your phone, open Pinterest and enter in the search tab: “How to lose winter weight FAST”.

After scrolling for 10 minutes you know there’s no ‘easy’, no ‘fast’, no ‘quick-fix’. It’s a lifestyle and it’s a process. I sit and think about all the seasons for my body weight. 

We all wish we were as fat as we thought we were in high school!

Then came our first year student weight gain. Our pre-wedding bodies. Our  pre-baby bodies, and then our post-baby struggles and diets.

I gained very little weight with my pregnancies, and lost a lot with breastfeeding,

Lucky, I know. I can’t take credit for that. The same genes also gave me cellulite, just before you all envy me, LOL.

All my life, I’ve loved exercising. I love a long walk with a nice view or a long run along the beach. A 30 day squat challenge with friends is my cup of tea.

But I have not always felt up to it, just like any other person. I’ve dragged my body out of bed many times before, on cold winter mornings, training for a half marathon. I know how hard it is.

Consistency is key. You won’t always feel like running, and that’s okay. It must be enjoyable. You know yourself. Sometimes you have to tap into your motivational resources to get you going, and some days it just happens by itself. Stay connected to what moves you and be consistent. Don’t think too much. Just do it. Truth is, calories in must be calories out. Sitting at a braai and drooling about a chop, while swallowing a piece of lettuce,? Seriously NO!

Have the bloody chop, but don’t have 3. Eat the cake, but skip the milkshake. Drink the wine but skip the cheese sauce.

Life is about all those little treats as well, while maintaining balance. It’s what keeps us sane, and normal. 

I’m all for health and clean eating, but I’m ALL for balance as well. 

Do it for the haters who think whatever they think. Do it for the sake that your body is a temple.  Do it for you. Sometimes the ‘you’ will feel it’s okay to overindulge, but that’s when all the other reasons should kick in. The you in me can slip, but I will never let the haters win…hahaha.

SO….cheers to normal, winter fatty add ons and soon, full on summer to balance it all out again.




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