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1 Sep, 2023

There comes a time…

There comes a time where the striving ceases. The constant having to prove yourself, living up to people’s standards instead of your own and then when that striving stops and constantly being rejected and overlooked and misunderstood, when those things stop happening, that’s when you know, you have finally come to a place of acceptance.

You learn that just because they didn’t appreciate or value your presence it doesn’t mean that, you are not appreciated and valued perhaps they just were not your people. You learn the importance of protecting your peace, its far more important to observe and watch people expose themselves as opposed you jumping in and giving them a piece of your mind. You just stare and move along.

You learn the power of closing chapters and travelling light, not because you are bitter or holding grudges, no, you do so because your life is more meaningful and you prefer quality over quantity.

Time do tell who is for you and who is not and when you figure out who is not it’s your responsibility to actually keep those doors close.

Being used, labeled, spoked bad of, wrongfully accused, betrayed, trust broken and the list is endless, in all these I have learned that I have a choice, it can define me or it can propel me into greater heights.

I chose for it to propel me into greater heights, becuase the only person I am capable of changing is myself with the help and grace of God. One greatest lesson that I have learned in the last 8 months is that people will eventually show you their hearts towards you when you start to be intentional about your life and your boundaries, what you will accept and what you won’t and that’s when the scales start falling off, for a better quality of life.

Feel your hurt, forgive them and let go!

And continue to accept the things you cannot change.

All my love,



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