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14 Sep, 2021

I have never been a makeup-kinda gal, but my niece recently taught me how to do my own makeup. She and my 4 year old! Oh, was it a moment. I must admit I caught on quickly and managed to do my own make-up first time round (with good guidance of course!)  In the process I discovered Revlon lip tint which gives a lovely shine to your lips and leaves them feeling moisturised for quite a while. The shade I used is called Fancy Rose. 

In addition to that I attended a meeting recently and they served us Earl Grey tea. What a delicious cup of tea that was. I had never had it before that day. I enjoyed it so much that I went and bought myself a pack. 

I chatted to a few friends of mine, and heard about their little obsession at the moment. Take a look below:

Taime says: “I love the Medic+ sanitizing wipes available at Dischem (since before the COVID outbreak, I’ve always used wipes because I’m a germaphobe like that), as a result of constant hand sanitizing I always need hand cream, to follow the hand-wipe process. For ultimate moisture I love using Vaseline or Medela nipple cream (honestly the best for any dry skin) for dry lips in winter.”

Noriene says: “The thing that I’m obsessed with lately is nothing you can see or touch. COVID taught me so many things that rerouted my values and what I deem important in my life. 

My current obsessions are inner peace, endless blessings and good health.”  

Martine says: “Everything skincare.” 

Esther says: “I love an eyeliner with a fine tip – it makes drawing a wing, or lining the top lid so easy plus the formula stays put for long enough. It’s not one of those liners that you need to scrub off, but it lasts for ±5 hours before fading nicely. And, It doesn’t bleed all over the place either.”

What are your current obsessions?


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