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5 Mar, 2022

I am always obsessed with new things, hey! 

This month I’ve put together a little list of the things I love at the moment. 

My Travel Mug 

I bought my husband one for Christmas and just loved it so much, he went to get me a red one for Christmas. 

These are available from Two Breads Coffee House in Swakopmund.





My Cell Phone Stand 

I recently went on a short trip to Cape Town and came across this little stand. It does nothing special but keeps my phone upright on my very crowded desk which I totally appreciate. 





My Silk Pillowcase

I travel with this thing and simply cannot lay my head down to sleep without it. 




Be Betty Earringswww.allthingscharlie.com/shop 

So I have many many pairs of clay earrings from many different brands. Be Betty’s, which is now for sale on this site, is just the most stunning piece of earrings. They are affordable and some are glossy and they really stand out. 





I recently had a make up session at my house and a friend of mine brought her make-up along which was Stila. Until then I had never heard of it, but then again what I know about makeup is scary! I went and got myself some lipstick and an eye palette. Guys, I am obsessed!





Let me know what your current must-haves are! 

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  1. Rene

    Amazing Charlie❤


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