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6 Sep, 2021

At this point, after chopping off my hair and not caring too much for it for about 4 years, I recently started growing more and more obsessed with my hair –  I’m enjoying it blown out and looking fly.

I also invested quite a bit of time and money in good hair products and caring about what’s in these products. 

My current obsession is milk_shake hair products and clay earrings! 

I discovered milk_shake last December and it has been a game changer for me. It has changed my dull hair to glossy, bouncy, full of life hair that smells awesome. 

For clay earrings, I have a few sets from KlayClai and Kayla&Clay. Not a day goes by that I don’t wear a pair, and I’ve managed to update my collection so that I have a pair for every outfit. TOTALLY OBSESSED! 

I asked a few friends what they are obsessed with at the moment.

Here goes: 

Christal says:  My current obsession is gardening and landscaping our yard. Trips to the nursery are a frequent weekend affair.  My second obsession at the moment is hair products for natural hair. I’m constantly searching for suitable products for my hair that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Junine says:  Sjoe, there is so much! I am obsessed with sneakers. They are so comfy and a great compliment to outfits. As a mom with a toddler, wearing stilettos is now impossible, so I’m glad I can dress up or down with a good pair of sneakers.

Ann says: I cannot get enough of Cocomint Mask from Curl Chemistry. It is a mix of soothing coconut oil and peppermint tingles right on your scalp to encourage hair growth. It’s a Cape Town based company. 

Sandy says: Coffee Table Books ? – they’re a quick and easy way to boujee up any space.

Natasha says: These days I really focus on my physical (exercise and better eating habits) and mental health. Not only does it help me feel better, it also helps me set an example for my family.

Melissa says: I would say getting Covid taught me a very important lesson: that your health is what will give you a sustainable lifestyle. So my big obsession now is eating and living healthily. What I put into my body is vital to how my body functions, so I realized that if you take care of it, it has an effect on how you feel, which then has an effect on your mental state. I’m obsessed with the health of my skin, how my hair looks and that my nails are neat. If a woman looks like a million dollars, she feels like a million dollars. Then her mental state is also healthier and she is able to take on the world. #selflove #womenempowerment

Jeanine says: I am currently obsessed with beetroot. There has to be a tupperware bowl with cooked beetroot ready to eat everyday. When I go shopping, I buy beetroot and the moment the tupperware bowl is empty, I cook another batch.


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