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20 Feb, 2022

First of all, blonde hair fades differently depending on underlying tones, hair porosity and aftercare.

These tips can help you maintain the condition and colour between appointments:

  • Build up of purple shampoo – this one is a biggie! I do recommend purple shampoo for at home toning. However, I see so many clients over using it and the build up dulls and dries out your hair. It also makes it hard for us when it comes to your professional appointment. Try to use it once a week if you are a regular washer or once every two weeks if you go longer. 

We recommend Milk Shake Silver Shine Shampoo

  • Hydrating mask makes your hair silky and shiny, meaning it’ll be reflecting more light, making it feel brighter & healthier. 

We recommend Milk Shake Integrity Intensive Treatment mask

  • Hair oil – make sure you use a light or clear oil as yellow oils can make hair warmer. Also, the heavier the oil, the more build up you will get, making your hair appear darker. We recommend Milk Shake Argan oil. It is a 90% cold pressed oil, meaning no heat is used to extract oil, which keeps it in its purest form.
  • Professional shampoo and conditioner – Non-professional, store bought (drugstore) shampoos can weigh your hair down and strip toner quicker than expected. 
  • Avoid heat or ensure you are using heat protection. High heat can burn hair and cause it to go yellow over time! We recommend Milk Shake Thermal Protector
  • Tangle teezer – using a tangle teezer will change your life. It is gentle on tangles which will help prevent snapping. Blonde hair is generally more porous so it is very vulnerable when wet! You need to be gentle when brushing. 
  • Regular toning – a toner Is recommended every 4 weeks. Popping in for a toner and blow dry is a good way to keep your blonde bright professionally. It’s also a nice little treat! 
  • Filter shower head – not only do these feel amazing on your body, they also filter out color stripping minerals that can dull hair colours.

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